Classes are open to all adults (beginners or experienced), whatever their level of physical fitness, age or gender. The most important thing is to practise without competing with yourself or others, in full awareness and respect of your own possibilities and limits.
Please wear comfortable, supple clothing.

At your first session, we’ll lend you the equipment if you need it. Afterwards, we encourage you to have at least your own mat.

Classes last one hour and take place outside the school holidays. Regular attendance is strongly recommended.


The content of the lessons varies from time to time as part of an overall progression over the year. The critical points of a session are :

An entry lock: a return to oneself through initial relaxation, simple movements and breathing exercises.

Sequences (Karana): warming up the body, synchronising movement with the breath, concentration.

A set of postures (Asanas): these can be chosen around a theme (opening the chest, for example), a family (e.g. anchoring postures), or a progression organised over several sessions. They help to tone and soften the body, let go and refocus. They are also a preparation for the following practices.

Specific breath control exercises (Pranayama).

A meditative practice.

A final relaxation.




28 Western Avenue


7h00 pm



3 Te Puna Road

Te Puna

9h00 am



28 Western Avenue


9h00 am



469 Whakamarama Rd


7h00 pm

I also offer additional classes at Common Ground gym centre in Omokoroa on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and sometimes at Tauranga Yoga Centre.
If interested, kindly contact them directly for details.


The price should not be an obstacle. Please call me if needed.

Your first yoga class is afree trial

Contact me to book!

Please notify me (via email or text message) if you have a foreseeable absence from a class.


$ 20

Come when you want. To be sure before commit.

10 Pack

$ 150

One class per week, 4 months validity. Time flexibility for body flexibility.

Quarter Pass

$ 175
3 months Unlimited. Good for you, little Padawan.

Yearly Pass

$ 450

Annual Unlimited. Become the future NZ Yoga Guru.

Private Course

$ 80

One-to-one. Just for you, because you're worth it.

Mindful Life Yoga

Nurture your BODY, Free your BREATH, Calm your MIND!